Teenage Lessons

Something that has become popular is assisting teenagers navigate the complicated but growing world of makeup.

Teenagers are wearing makeup earlier than before due to the popularity of platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. It can be overwhelming for them with so many trends, makeup brands, products and tools available. I offer the chance to help them navigate this with a teenage makeup lesson.

Maybe they need help with managing problematic skin with issues such as acne or rosea. It could be they are struggling with matching and picking a suitable foundation, or want to know how primers can help. They may simply want to learn which colours are best for their skin type or want to learn how to perfect a simple smokey eye or contouring. I can help with this with a 1.5 hour lesson and will be tailored to each individual. They can expect to leave with some knowledge to boost their confidence and some makeup samples to get their kit started at home.

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